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Snake Xing™ for iPad


Knock your friends' tails off™ in this exciting multiplayer arcade game - perfect for parties, family night, or just hanging out!

Snake Xing turns traditional snake gameplay on its head! Instead of losing the game upon a collision, the attacker knocks the opponent's tail off. Bring their scattered pieces back to your pit for a BIG score.

Avoid bombs, mushrooms, and snails as you search for lightning bolts, invincibility, and double score power-ups, which give your snake a "leg up" on the competition.


  • Up to 4 simultaneous players on one iPad
  • Competitive and cooperative team modes
  • Computer controlled snakes for enhanced solo play
  • Quick play sessions of 1 to 3 minutes per match
  • Local high score lists and optional Game Center leader boards
  • Retro style arcade graphics
  • Compatible with optional third party joysticks such as Fling and Joystick-It

Fling compatible

Screen Shots (Click images to enlarge.)

Multiplayer matches and teams
Simple, intuitive controls
Human and computer opponents
Local high scores and optional Game Center leader boards
Fun for all ages

Video (Click image to play.)


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