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Burglar’s Bluff


Steal, bluff, and bank your way to the biggest treasure!

This easy-to-learn physical card game features a unique twist on traditional set collection (à la rummy), namely bluffing and stealing of sets.


  • 15 to 25 minute games
  • 2 to 4 players
  • Ages 12 and up
  • Press your luck to earn a huge score
  • Unique bluff locking mechanic to protect from opponent steals
  • Final play often decides the winner

Bluff locking game mechanic with face-down card

You cover each of your banked treasures (i.e., sets and runs) with a face-down safe card, as if placing the treasure inside a safe.

Locked safe: Face-down card has a lock icon, which blocks opponent steals, but prevents you from extending your treasure on future turns.

Unlocked safe: Face-down card has no lock icon, which allows you to extend the treasure for big points, but leaves it vulnerable to steals.

Bluffing about the state of your safe cards is encouraged, particularly if it increases the uncertainty in your opponents’ minds as to which of your treasures are locked.


Is there honor among thieves? Trust is notably absent as your fellow burglars are placing their cash and gold in uncrackable safes. You mimic their behavior, but decide to leave one safe unlocked to quickly stash any newfound loot. Hmm, did your opponents leave a safe unlocked as well? Perhaps your thieving hands need to pay them a visit! You decide as you steal, bluff, and bank your way to the biggest treasure!

Gameplay: On Your Turn

  1. Pick one card from the playing area.
  2. Perform one of four actions (your choice):
    • Pick three additional cards from the playing area.
    • Bank a new 3-card treasure in a safe.
    • Extend one of your unlocked banked treasures.
    • Steal an opponent's banked treasure.
  3. Restock the Community Cards in the playing area.

End of Game

The game continues for two more rounds of turns after you pick the Final Steal card from the playing area. The Final Steal cannot be picked until at least one player (i.e., any player) has nine or more treasure cards in their bank. With the Final Steal card you get one last chance to steal from an opponent as the final play in the game.


Points are awarded at the end of the game based on the size of each banked treasure. Press your luck to create large sets of treasure for a huge score. Players earn bonus points for Gold treasure, blocked steals, and unlocked safe cards. The player with the most points wins!

Download the illustrated game rules for gameplay details.

Photos of Burglar's Bluff (Click images to enlarge.)

Game box
Box contents
<em>Cash</em> cards
<em>Gold</em> cards
Game setup
Action: Bank a new set
Action: Bank a new run
Action: Extend an unlocked treasure
Action: Attempt to steal
A player's bank
<em>Final Steal</em> card

Video (Click image to play.)


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