Picket Fences® for iPad


Compete with the neighbors for the highest score in ten home-themed card games including furnish your home, remodel the kitchen, landscape the yard, and plan a party, to name just a few.

Achieve 'Full House' for a big bonus, or shoot for the risky, but rewarding high-end sets. Use bonus cards to make special plays against your opponents or gain additional points. Earn medals, awards, and badges as you advance through the card games.


  • Ten distinct card games
  • Colorful cards with home improvement themes
  • Earn medals, awards, and badges
  • Two difficulty settings
  • Single player with three computer opponents
  • Designed for the iPad's 1024x768 touch screen

Screen Shots (Click images to enlarge.)

Collect sets of furniture in the Furnish Your House game
Assist your neighbors in the Fitness Center game
Get ready to fire up the grill in the Build A Deck game
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Clean out your garage in the Garage Sale game
Beautify your yard in the Landscape game
Upgrade your cabinets in the Kitchen game
Party with the neighbors in the Block Party game
Win the Full House trophy by forming sets in every category
View your awards, trophies, and badges in all ten games
Enjoy ten different card games
Earn the Picket Fences Expert badge by winning all ten games
Welcome to the Picket Fences neighborhood

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