Coming August 2021
to the iPad!

Bravo & Blitz™ for iPad


Bravo & Blitz is a cooperative board game where two special agents coordinate their efforts to perform a series of actions in the field; ultimately, locating Professor Poison’s covert base, breaching its perimeter, and disabling the installation's missiles to foil his evil plan.

This digital version implements Solo mode, where a single player controls both agents.

Each turn your agents augment their learned skillsets with nifty gadgets to match the particular skills required to execute planned actions. New actions become available as prior actions are fulfilled.

Agents can work together to tackle challenging tasks, or split up to cover more ground on simpler ones. Agents with additional blitz-specific skills may accomplish multiple actions per turn. Disarm all the missiles in the designated time to win the game!

Along the way each agent converts their field experience into newly learned skills with the goal of becoming a specialist. Each specialized discipline of S.W.A.T., Hacker, Guardian, Hypnotist, Scout, Ninja, and Wildcat provides powerful unique abilities to help complete the mission. Which specialties will your agents choose to thwart the attack?

Are your agents up to the challenge? The clock is ticking...


  • Solo mode: one player controls both agents
  • 7 specialties with unique gameplay abilities
  • 24 cool gadgets to equip the agents
  • 3 mission phases
  • 4 levels of difficulty from Rookie to Superhero
  • Thematic artwork
  • Highly replayable with 21 combinations of specialty pairings

  Bravo & Blitz screenshot


Tutorial Video

This video shows the Tutorial Walkthough of Bravo & Blitz at Rookie difficulty on the iPad. Use the video 'Pause' and 'Play' buttons to view the tutorial tips at your own pace. Expand the video to Full Screen to read the in-game text.
Watch the Tutorial Video

Mission Phase II Video

This video is a playthough of the second phase of the mission: breach the base's perimeter to infiltrate the base. The game picks up where the prior Tutorial video left off. Expand the video to Full Screen to read the in-game text.
Watch the Mission Phase II Video

Mission Phase III Video

This final video plays through the third phase of the mission: disable all the missiles at the installation. The recorded game continues from the prior Mission Phase II video. Here, Agent I becomes a Scout while Agent II advances to Wildcat specialist. Expand the video to Full Screen to read the in-game text.
Watch the Mission Phase III Video

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