Planktopop2: Classic

Campaign Description

Inspired by the original Planktopop game, the Classic campaign builds upon the Starter campaign with challenging oil levels and additional types of plankton.

Shoot, pop, and power your way through 16 progressively more difficult waves of plankton (with 8 levels per wave).


  • 128 exciting levels
  • Oil droplets and 7 species of plankton
  • 3 types of power-ups including the powerful driller
  • New awards for great Classic play

Screen Shots (Click images to enlarge.)

Use wildcard plankton to pop larger groups
Capture Classic power-ups
Solve challenging oil levels
Drill through deep columns of plankton
Split the plankton colony with precision shots
Vaporize oil droplets with power-ups
Collect new Classic awards
Compare your Classic campaign progress with local users

Visit Planktopop 2 for additional screen shots.


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